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Artificial intelligence and machine learning clubbed with hybrid software architecture

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the landscape of the software industry. Artificial intelligence is drastically important to our future because AI forms the very foundation of computer learning. Through AI, computers have the ability to harness massive amounts of data and use their learned intelligence to make optimal decisions and discoveries in fractions of the time that it would take humans. Artificial intelligence is becoming responsible for everything from medical breakthroughs in cancer research to cutting-edge climate change research.

Presear Software is having its expertise in building products out of artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases based on core research.

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Enterprise APIs

Application Programming Interfaces(APIs) on demand for your requirement

Research Contracts

Independent research contracts and deliverable conclusions on demand

Product Development

Get your product integrated with AI and delivered as a hybrid software application

AI Consulting

Learn how AI can help your business in achieving complex targets


We have partnered with AI giant Prodigal AI to enhance our AI specific research and product delivery capability




An AI powered QR based hybrid software system for automation

This software system has a speciality of being powered by Artificial Intelligence and hybrid in nature to be installed in any device of any operating systems. This application can be used in laboratories to track usage of equipments, factories to track usage of machines etc.

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AI powered CCTV surveillance system and alerting mechanism

AI enabled CCTV camera are not new in the market, advanced video intelligence systems are already being used in military and faicilities like Airport and nucelar power plants. Presear Softwares PVT LTD is committed to improve the accessibility of such features as a hybrid application, that can be installed seamlessly in any operating system (windows, macOS or Linux), as well as in Android systems and in iOS systems at the same time. Our proposed solution have involvement of cloud database and an advanced alerting mechanism which can also further help in your usecase requirements. Most importantly having a hybrid software is cost effective and easy to maintain.

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